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Sérénade aux étoiles SUPPORTS



Bhakti Baul Retreat

Between June 2 and 4, 2022


Jamuna, Nobonito, Krishna and Uma Gowri, who are all students of Parvathy Maa, as well as the sevak organizing team of La Ferme de Jutreau, are waiting for you to share a satsang space around the Baul tradition of Bengal. The space will vibrate with kotha, (talks on the subjects of devotion and philosophy),  music and Hari Naam.

You are all welcome to join us for pranayama and hatha yoga sessions, common chants and discussions related to the Baul path. You will be able to ask questions and take this journey of the heart with us in the lands of Sri Chaitanya. We will end the retreat with a performance of Madhukori given by the students of Parvathy Baul.


You can still register for this bhakti retreat!

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