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After having studied in the traditional master-student relationship for many years under her gurus Sri Sanatan Das Baul and Shashanko Goshai, Parvathy is considered today a master of this ancient wisdom.

The Baul path combines traditional yoga and music, respect for the feminine and fierce opposition to the caste system and other made-man divisions.

The Bauls consider the human body as a means to the direct experience of the Divine. Their bhakti practice includes yoga, devotion, singing, music composition, poetry; they practice various musical instruments such as ektara, dotara, ankle bells, drums.


Their songs transmit the ancient wisdoms, speak of unconditional love, yearning for the Beloved and testify of serenity that can be found through discrimination and practice.


Parvathy Baul is a highly praised internationally known musician and singer who has received recently the most prestigious Sangeet Natak Academy Award from the President of India.


Parvathy Baul is travelling internationally today to seek support and funding for the construction of Sanatan Siddhashram, an educational centre founded in 2017 near Santiniketan, Bengal, and at the same time to support the charitable activities already taking place there. This ashram is the realisation of the vision of Sanatan Das Baul, Parvathy's Master.


The centre aims to preserve the Baul tradition and culture, provide educational opportunities for local children and provide a space for the transmission of Baul practices and knowledge to future generations. Indeed, this tradition, recognised by UNESCO as one of the masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity, is today very weakened.

All the events organised by Sérénade Aux Etoiles are the fruit of voluntary activity, both on the part of Parvathy Baul and of the members of the association, in order to serve the mission entrusted to Parvathy by her master.


By participating in our activities, you build with us this precious place of practice and sanctuary.

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Madhukori, in the Baul tradition, is the practice of going to villages and receiving alms in exchange for singing poems of love and longing to the Divine. The word madhukori  means “gathering honey” and refers to the nectar brought by bees to the beehive. In a similar way, the traditional wandering Bauls nourished the hearts of villagers with song and brought back to their communities gifts of rice and vegetables as well as  respect and gratitude.



'Sri Charon Paabo' by Parvathy Baul

'Sri Charon Paabo' by Parvathy Baul

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"Sri Charon Paabo"
"Hey Madhav"
"Shomudrer Kinare"
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