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Lyrics of the baul song "Ache Manush Manushete"

Dernière mise à jour : 22 janv. 2021

- Nitai Khyapa

Guru Sri Nitai Khyapa, Pic by: Carol Solomon ( collection from Sanatan Baba)

The inner Man plays within this human body.

One who recognizes can find him

He is in the form of ego Self and the conscious Self

He dwells in the conscious Self.

A man is a stealer

but the inner Man is in this human

does anyone know and speak about it?

Man hides in the human

To elude the human.

Inner man is in this human body

The Man is the puppeteer and the puppet

Man goes to Man

To find the path to inner Man.

Man is crooked

Man is simple

Man is ghost

Man is the Samman

Man is king

Man is his followers

Man worships Man.

Man is religious

Man is criminal

Man is a pet of a Man

Man is Guru, Man is disciple

He is seen in the subtle.

Man is rude

Man is polite

Man is hell

Man is pure

Man is free and the Man is in his prison

In the bondages of Man.

Man is cruel

Man is kind

Someone is the employer

Someone is the employee

Krishna took the form of Man

And came to Nadia.

Man is father

Man is mother

Man is sister

Man is brother

Son, friend, wife and daughter

All weaved in the same thread of Love.

Lord Narayana took the form of a Man

And he became Nara Narayana in Dwapara age

He incarnated in all ages

In the form of Man.

Man kills Man

Man arrests Man

Man heals Man

Whether in freedom or in bondage.

Man sinks

Man floats

Man cries

Man laughs

Man goes

Man comes

To perform his Karma.

If you want to find the inner Man

Then oh Man, surrender to the feet of a Man

Khyapa Nityo says meditate everyday

At the feet of the Man. Translated by Parvathy Baul

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